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Candlewood Lodge Knysna South Africa

How time flies. I cannot truly believe that we are already having to plan for Christmas 2011. Where did the year go. We are so busy at Candlewood that the days just slip by and how little time we have to appreciate the beauty of where we live. How sad is that! We truly do live in a beautiful place. We are surrounded by the  Outeniqua Mountains which gives us great protection weather wise.    Sweeping down from the mountains to the cost we have the forests.  hey are some of the thickest in the world. They have found evidence that there are still some  elephants roaming those forests the southern most point for elephants to be found. We, the local people, are so delighted. Everyone thought they had all died and then their spoor was found and they have been sighted.

At the edge of the forests is the Town of Knysna where we all live and then our Lagoon  one of only 12 Estuarine Lagoons in the World. This is where the  Knysna Seahorse still lives.
The Lagoon flows out to the Indian Ocean through the restricted opening known as The Knysna Heads.

To the side of Knysna we have six fresh water lakes. We are surrounded by beautiful beaches which run for the length of the Country. We have hills and streams` and wildlife, flora and fauna, hardwood trees for which Knysna is famous.

You can even have a new piece of furniture made and shipped abroad if need be and save yourself a lot of money in the process. We have Stinkwood trees {hence the road name_ Yellowood trees, Milkwood trees and so on. These are all hardwood trees and are now protected by south African National Parks.

Of course, it goes without saying that we have lots of wildlife in the various Parks surrounding Knysna along with the Elephant park and Monkeyland, Birds of Eden, The forest, treetop canopy walks, deep sea fishing, shark diving, whale watching, paragliding, biking, horse riding and so on.
Knysna is famous for its Oysters of course and fresh fish. We have the Oyster Festival  in July each year and people come from all over to participate in the Cycle Races and the following weekend in the Marathon.

The Ballet also each year comes to town and lots more of course.  I sometimes wish I was a visitor and not a Guest House owner as I would then have more time to visit all the wonderful things that surround us but there you go. You cannot have everything and I do so enjoy having our wonderful Guests from all over the World.

Mostly its the Guests first visit and when asked what they think of Knysna they all say how wonderful the Country is. The beauty of it is spectacular. They tell us that the people are so nice and friendly, and that the food is excellent and such wonderful value for money.
It makes my heart swell with pride every day when we hear comments like that. That is what you would call Job Satisfaction.

So we are truly blessed with this Country of ours (not forgetting our Rugby players)

Oh, I forgot to mention the weather………..Sun, sand, sea, champagne, oysters, ice cold beers, a glass of cold Chardonnay or red wine,what more could you possibly want…

Come and join us here  in Knysna at Candlewood Lodge, I am sure you would enjoy yourself , and we are here to make sure your stay is wonderful

Hope you all have a good week and weekend.

God Bless till next time …… Joye at Candlewood Lodge Knysna Western Cape South Africa

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Winter Visitors to Candlewood Lodge

Candlewood Lodge has never been so busy and are we pleased?    Oh Yes, we are.    I must say we have had wonderful visitors this Winter here at Candlewood.      We were expecting a fairly quiet Winter again this year, but Hallelujah! not so.      We have been kept really busy we have had a wonderful array of lovely visitors from all over the world and how we have enjoyed having them.

For example, we have had people from Kuwait, Australia, Pretoria South Africa, Ireland Cape Town Boston USA West Sussex United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Spain Nederland, Germany Canada and so on to name a  few.

It is so fascinating running a Guest Lodge because we get to meet these wonderful people from all over the World, and you realise what a small place the World is.

I must say that our Guests tell us a lot about themselves, the way that the live, their houses and the way our lives seem to be different. but when you touch base, you actually see that our lives are not really that much different from one another.    Most of the population, just want to live a normal life. ie. Just get up in the mornings, go to work, come home and enjoy family life whatever way it may be.    Sometimes I often think how sad it is, that a small percentage of people around the world spoil things for the majority.

Our Guests have been happy at Candlewood as you can see on our Guest book comments and that for us here at Candlewood is so inspiring.

The weather here at Knysna is lovely and sunny today, although we are pleased we have abundant rain.  In fact, we no longer really have water restrictions as our dams are full.  How wonderful is that.    Spring is fast approaching, as I have just spent four days in the Garden pruning everything ready for Spring.    I have planted lovely standard roses in my Garden and I hope it will give you  all as much pleasure as it is giving me.

Spring is in the air

We are pleased to say that we still have   Winter specials on until the end of September.  Christmas is getting very busy already        We would love to see you all here at Candlewood in our beautiful Accommodation.     We are here to make sure you all have a wonderful holiday in our beautiful town of Knysna here in Sunny South Africa.

God Bless you all

Till next time   Joyce at Candlewood

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Winter in Knysna

Well, here we are in the middle of winter!  Spring just around the corner and away we go.

Three days ago it started to rain and did it rain!  Cats and dogs and then some.   From a water point of view Hallelujah!   We certainly need it but Oh! how it rained.  Unfortunately, it affected a lot of people’s houses which is sad, with water running in etc etc.     What amazes me in Knysna, is that the local people whom the water affects the most, still come to work on time with a smile on their face.    How amazing is that!    How many of us would be able to do that.    Not many, I would assume.    How grateful we are to all of these people for carrying on their work in such a cheerful manner.    We are a very luck community indeed

A couple of weeks ago we had the Knysna Oyster festival a 10 day event and that was good for the town along with the Marathon.

Oyster Festival Cycle race

Town  is quieter now, but still lots of Guests about.      We are busy at Candlewood Lodge and for that we are thankful.   Yesterday, we went shopping for our Lodge, and the Heavens opened and what a deluge we had.     It has been raining for two days and nights and still the rains came.     We were cold and wet, when we got home.     However, our large Fruit and Veg have started making incredible soups.      We thought we would try some.   Butternut, wonderful.     Some warm bread rolls, hot  soup on such a cold wet day, went down extremely well.  Well done Fruit and Veg!

Today, it is SUNNY AGAIN.  hurray for the sun say I.     A beautiful blue sky here in sunny Knysna once more.    Join us at Candlewood Lodge for a very deal until the end of September.

Would love to see you all here in Beautiful Knysna    

Hope you all have a wonderful week

Joyce at Candlewood

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What a festival it was.     The Cycle Race

The  Marathon, –  a 10 day event in Knysna and, Oh,  how everyone  enjoyed it.

The  cycle race attracted some 6000 cyclists from all over South Africa and beyond with some 15 International Cyclists from overseas too.     Unfortunately, as the skies turned grey, on the morning of the Mountain bike race the Heavens opened and down came the race.  Undaunted, our Cyclists set of for a 100 km, or 75 km, or 45km race.

They seemed unperturbed by the rain and thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they scrambled through Knysna’s dense forests, up and down hills and even on the main National Road, which I might add, was a first.

Our Guests returned to the Lodge, muddy and wet but soon showered and went of to enjoy themselves.

In the middle of the week, their were  many things to do. Oyster shucking, whisky and jazz festival aboard the big Paddle Cruiser. The Oyster Development Cup, Choirs, Funfairs, wine tasting, Shebeen  Experience, Fun run and walk etc etc. so much to see and do.

The following weekend was the marathon with some 8000 walkers taking part.  Fortunately for all of us the sun shone, It was a perfect day and  much excitement.   Of course, I was up really early once more making porridge and doing breakfasts for those that needed to stock up on their carb’s.  Once again, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their race, and the following day Sunday the South African Navy Band, who set up in the middle of town, entertained a huge audience.      We also had the youth orchestra from Waterkloof High School, World Champions in 2006 with 44 band members ages range from 11-18.  How wonderful and elegant the students looked in their turquoise long length dress and the men in turquoise jackets.

We must salute Pick n Pay and Knysna Tourism for their hosting of this incredible event, thus helping 100s of people in the town through all the donations and charities.

The Rotary Club of Knysna, as they have for many years, are responsible for the organization of the Cycle race on the first weekend of the Festival which is a major Fund Raiser for Knysna Rotary which is used throughout the year for the benefit of the greater community

Of course, Candlewood Lodge was fully booked   What wonderful Guests we had once again.   The atmosphere in the Lodge was warm and everyone was so friendly..    The weather now is warm with sunny blue skies.  The sand is warm between your toes.  The Indian Ocean just shimmers in the sunlight.

Do feel free to come and join us here  at Candlewood.    W e would love to have you.    Please email us at   Have a wonderful weekend and we at Candlewood wish you all the very best.

Bests wishes     Joyce

Navy Band Baritone & Tenor

South African Navy Band

Waterkloof High School Band members

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Williams Blessing Sunday March 20

Where do you want me now?

Our Precious little Grandson William Graham was Blessed today.

He is 6 months old now and growing like a weed.   Every week he is getting so strong and big.

This Friday  gone, my Son came and told us that he and his wife were having William Blessed at their Church.

I was really thrilled to hear this.    However, when he said they were just having tea at their house we decided we would give William the day he deserved and asked our Son if he and his Wife agreed for us to do this for them.    It was agreed and as he went I took out all the necessay ingredients too make cupcakes for him.   You see, when I went to the UK, I knew one day he would be Blessed or Christened and so, whilst there I had purchased some beautiful toppings for cakes.   It is so clever because once you have made the cupcakes and iced them (in a delicate pale blue) you can just place the baby prams bottles and bibs etc which of course are already made, straight on top of the cakes.    With that done I soon went to work and started on trifles and jelly, and then planned a quick menu that would suffice all their friends.     It was quite a lot of work in between running our Accommodation Candlewood Lodge here in Knysna, but it all worked out beautifully.

It was a lovely chance to use some of our fine china, we had collected over the years.   By Saturday, I had managed to lay up the tables and prepare some of the food and then did a quick shop in Town.  Good old Woolworths.   At least I was able to get a few ready made things so that was a joy.

On Sunday morning I was up at six getting breakfasts ready for the guests.   It was rather hectic as next came the bread and butter spreading ready for the variety of mixed sandwiches.   Then had to be at Church by 9.30 am ready for the service.

We came back as soon as Service was done, and were soon joined by my Son and his Wife their friends and dear little William who had been so good in the Church.  It was a very very hot day and we all felt rather frazzeled.     It was so nice to sit in the shade and some of the children jumped into the swimming pool.

We had Champagne and Orange Juice to toast William and then as the day passed I must admit to having a glass of wine or two. along with various other people.


Williams Ouma and Oupa provided a   lovely cake with a teddy bear on the top.

When will I get these teeth?


 All in all a lovely day was had by all.  amidst the beautiful surroundings of Knysna


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Rotary Ann & Rotarians Knysna

Hello again from Knysna Accommodation at Candlewood Lodge. in the Heart of the Garden Route Western Cape.

Definition of an Ann is the wife of a Rotarian.

Since Ladies were allowed to become Rotarians it was decided to call the clubs Anns/Partners Clubs to accommodate any male spouses who wish to become involved.

Why do they call the wives “Rotary Ann”?  This name for the wives of Rotarians started back in 1914.  A special train ran from San Francisco to Houston. for the R.I. Convention there. Ann Brunnier, wife of Rotarian “Bru” Brunnier, was the only lady aboard the train and soon they started calling her “Rotary Ann” and the name began to be applied to all wives of Rotarians.

I would like you to read the Rotary Ann Prayer, so beautiful , but so hard to live up to!

Keep us O Lord, from pettiness; let us be large in thought, in word and deed.

Let us be done with fault finding and leave self seeking.

May be put away all pretence and meet each other face to face, without self pity and without prejudice.

May we never be hasty in judgment and always generous.

Teach us to put into action our better impulses straight forward and unafraid.

Let us take time for all things.

Make us grow calm, serene, and gentle.

Grant that we may realise that it is the little things that create differences;  that in the big things of life we are one.

 And may we strive to touch and know the

Great human heart common to us all and, O Lord God, let us not forget to be kind………     Amen

We Anns cannot compete of course with what our Branch of Rotary does, but we try.

For example, we have the Cape Town or Johannesburg Ballet down every year, and Anns do the teas.  I bake about 60-100 scones and all the other Ladies do their bit too.      When it is all put together, it looks lovely laid out every year in the school hall and that raises funds for Knysna.    We help out at the huge cycle race and that gives us a donation off Rotary to help our funds.

What do we do with money raised.  Well, last year we arranged to have a drinking fountain put in the waiting area of the local Provincial hospital so that the people waiting did not get thirsty.

Every day of the year there is a Rotary Ann who will make loaves of Sandwiches and take to the local clinic so that those less fortunate have a sandwich to take with their medication.

There is a lovely group of Anns who go to our old age home and do the Ladies Hair for them every week.

Last year a donation was made to the Hope Breast Cancer

So various things are undertaken by the Anns.   Next week, we are all meeting to be taken to visit a Township and have lunch with the people who live there and try and learn more about their lifestyles and what could be done to help.

There are so many things undertaken by Knysna Rotary Anns and as you can appreciated too numerous to list but I thought you would enjoy learning a little about us.

Have a wonderful day, God Bless

Joyce at Candlewood Lodge

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